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    Moving this summer to Ninilchik, 3 weeks to go, will this boat with a 2006 4 stroke, 50 HP work on the Kenai. I have followed the new 50 hp stuff in the ADN and could modify to 35hp if I had to. I have used it on most of the rivers and ocean around New England, and have fished the Kenai with guides and their shallow vee boats, will the current be too much for the deep vee/// should I trade it? Just looking for advice from the guys that do it every day. Thanks

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    Your combo should work fine on the Kenai unless it really drafts deep. You just might have to watch yourself on the bends above Bings Landing, particularly during the King season. The lower part of the river usually has good water flow.
    With the parts of the river where boaters typically troll perpendicular to the banks, I would think your boat would be ideal for control and navigation.
    I run a Lowe flat bottom powered by a Yamaha tiller--It does well enough.


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