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Thread: Threading a Steyr SSG 69II

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    Default Threading a Steyr SSG 69II

    I've recently acquired a SSG 69II and would like to run a can on it (AAC SDN-6). As I understand it the barrels of these rifles are pressed in and not threaded so they have to be turned with the actions on them. I've heard it's near impossible and I've seen some that have had it done (and done very nicely at that). Does anyone here have 1st or 2nd hand knowledge of a person/place that can/would do this type of thing w/o booger-ing up my stick?

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    Should be no problem. Bring it by. I'm in Fairbanks.
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    I am planing a trip up there the end of the month, PM me your contact info and I'll bring it by. Thanks!


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