Hi, my name is David and I hail from New Zealand. I have recently arrived in Canada and am backpacking my way to Alaska. I love my fishing (both saltwater and fly), hunting and getting out into the wilderness. Back in N.Z I worked for our Department of Conservationas a fisheries reasearcher in the Taupo area. I am looking at getting up to Alaska around mid July and staying for a couple of months. I will probably be catching a ferry up from Prince Rupert and getting off somewhere on the Kenai Peninsular. If anyone has any advice to give me on where I should go I would be gratefull. I wouldnt mind getting away from the masses. I am travelling on a bit of a budget so can not afford a guided trip but, if anyone would be willing to take me out for a fish or a hunt and show me the ropes, I would promise a guided trip to some of my favourite areas back home in N.Z in return. If you cant make it that far at least I will buy you some beers.
In Canada Iam doing some WWOOFING(working for people doing firewood, trail making, e.t.c) in return for a bed and some food and if anyone has spare accomadtation which will keep me drier than my tent I will be more than happy to work for them. Cant wait to get up there, I have heard many good things, all the best and tight lines.