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Thread: The Gulkana River over the 4th of July

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    Default The Gulkana River over the 4th of July

    I have been getting lots of questions in the past few days regarding the water levels and condition of the river for this week. Currently the Gulkana is high and muddy. I put a number of groups on the river in the past 2 days and it appears that the river has crested and is dropping. My best guess is we will see the river clean itself up a bunch in the next 48 hours.

    Be prepared for muddy camp spots as many of the normal camp sites on the lower river went under water and expect sloppy conditions in the upper sections below Paxon Lake.

    As far fishing it has been tough due to the muddy water. The fish counts have been strong prior to the rain but the tower had been unable to count much as it is a visible count. Our groups have been doing well on bit Kings and Reds before the rain but have been struggling as of late. Huge red run and most guys hooking up have been doing so in eddies.

    Hope this helps and have a great weekend.

    See you on the river.

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    Quick update on the river. We saw lots of floaters this past week and the water was high and dirty until Sunday. The river has dropped to almost normal levels (+1-2 feet) and the clarity is much improved. Had a group land 8 Reds today but they had to work at it all day long. Lots of fish in the river but just too much water to target them effectively. This week should clean up quickly and still some time left to hook some Kings!

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