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Thread: Reds in Russian For Opener Monday?

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    Default Reds in Russian For Opener Monday?

    Has anyone scouted out the Russian latley to see if any reds have started to move in for the Monday opener? I usually start seeing a few them in there the first week of June but haven't been able to get down there to scout. Kind of a late cold Spring so I was wondering if they are going to be a little later this year... How about the Upper Kenai? Any reds spotted in there in the past few days?

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    Default 3rd hand info

    I heard from the friend of a friend that reds had been spotted in the RR as of this a.m. I'll be camping there Wednesday night, so I hope it's true.

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    The recent spike in Kenai king counts may well be a reflection of a bolus of reds moving into the system. Wouldn't be surprised to see good numbers of reds at the Russian for the opener.
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    Default Kings or reds?

    The same thing happened last year... we got 1700 king in one day in June! Finally, F&G admitted the possibility of counting a couple of reds who are fishing in tandem as a king. The interesting thing, last year with the big day, the fishing was only average!

    So, stay tuned...

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    I will be there sunday night for the Mid night opener!!!!!!!!!
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    Default MAN! I miss my...

    SUICIDE RUNS!!!! Had a good ole' hockey buddy of mine introduce me to the RR Back in '02 & ever since we'd have "contests" to see who could limit out the first, & I would alway's whoop up on the poor dude...

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    Do they still have the "no fishing at night" and "no tent camping" regulations?


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