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    A friend of mine has 5 i think they may be for sale in the very near future due to illness . In return for selling them he is going to give me one. Questions I have is how do they hold thier value these apparrently have never been shot . Is their a big demand for these or are they a sell on ebay item any info is appreciatted thanks nick

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    blackbear: I think the best place to ask such a question might be in this group as it has more of a national exposure. This would give both of you a broader idea of the fair market value.

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    Big Al is right in that it's a much smaller group that is looking for nice trad bows & national exposure surely helps.
    Here's another page with lots of great trad guys.
    HH bows definetly have a loyal following but like anything in trad that group is comparitevly small.
    As far as value goes, anything you aren't buying new from a dealer is used (hope that makes sense) so these are used bows, shot or not.
    I'm a fan of HH bows, but they are not a particularly expensive bow new.
    This page is their current price list.
    $475-$500 new unless you want a bunch of custom stuff added (I think that actually reflects a recen price increase).
    I've bought as new Hills for $200-$300.
    When you decide what you want for them send me a list of what they are & I might be interested in one. Primarily I'm looking for a take down but you never know.
    I don't know if you've ever shot a Hill, but I'll bet you love the one you get. I've heard all the trash talk about Hill bows, but I've owned about 5 & never had one that had bad "hand shock" or the like. Every one has been a sweet heart, & that's comparing them to some other really nice & highly thought of bows.
    Vance in AK.

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