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Thread: Deadhorse area fishing spots?

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    Default Deadhorse area fishing spots?

    Greetings, I'm a sloper working with a service company out of Deadhorse that has access to a pickup truck and badges to move from field to field and down the haul road lets say up to an hour south. Is it too early to catch grayling? Ive been scouting around and wetting lines in calmer streches of the Sag and the outlet at Billmeyer lake and havent seen so much as a stickleback yet. Are there any lakes that are producing right now? Put river maybe? I'm catch and release only and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are some nice Char in the Sag to be had.

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    Char start running next can catch them out of the salt at the mouths of rivers and some lagoons....

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    Go to the little bridge over the Kupurak, the one closer to the COP side of the field. Fish around that bridge and you will catch some nice grayling. We always did better with little spinners than fly fishing. The lake by the Milne Point turn has produced some nice ones as well. I saw a legitimate state record come out of there years ago that was caught on a small piece of orange ear plug on a bare hook. If you drive farther toward Kupurak from there watch the pipeline on the left hand side of the road, when it ends there is a little parking spot. Park there and look for the little River about 100 ft off the road. I have been told it's full of grayling but have never fished it.
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    If fishing the Sag, cast parallel to the bank with spinners vs. out into the river. They seem to tuck right up to the brush, overhangs, etc... vs. sit in the current.
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    Just a wee bit early yet for the salty char- Ice just pulling off the bottom out by W Dock. I'd say next week. Burbot are biting, Grayling present in the Put and lakes, and if you're lucky you may find an early char in the Sag.............
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    Those sea run dolly varden move further down the Sag the later you wait to go. Check the timing chart and specific locations in the Alaska Highway Angler. The book is right on target with the information found in the pages.

    They turn from chrome to spawning colors, winter over and go back to the ocean. Just for sake of avoiding confusion... yes they are char, but not arctic char. The fish are dolly vardens. If you decide to harvest one of those fish, I bet you can not find one with over 23 gill rakers....
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