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    Just a heads up.

    I have been getting quite a few contacts from hunting groups trying to put a last min. hunt together out of Kotz. We have been 100% booked for float hunts for 2014 for about 4 months but I do have a few Drop Camps left. The real problem is not my gear but finding a flight service. I work with 3 flight services and they too have been booked for quite some time. If you have a flight service booked I can help you but this is VERY LATE to book a flight.

    Over the past 2 years we have been seeing more and more hunting groups booking 10-12 months out rather than the normal 8-10 months. So, if you are looking at a Unit 23 hunt for 2015 now is the time to start the planning process guys! Caribou is easy but moose takes more time.

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