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    I was wondering if there was a "rule of thumb" or a percentage of a new outboard's price that is typically ascribed to the warranty

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    Not really. Take any outboard and if it is being used commercially, the warranty coverage is usually reduced to one year (I know that in Juneau, Willies Marine has a slightly cheaper pricing rate on their Yamahas if used by a charter fishing business) . I have seen promotions on outboards for free extended warranties, sometimes with free rigging. Suzuki usually has Gimme 6 years, Etecs I recall seeing up to 7. Honda has the most comprehensive and non declining coverages (3 or 5 years I forget). And Yamaha has some good ones too. I always thought that dealers liked warranty work. Some people suspect shady dealers of telling you your fix isn't covered, taking your money, and then turning around and get paid 2x by claiming the work under the warranty, but I don't have any first hand experience at this. I had a Tohatsu that was a lemon for me and I got four major repairs done for free (but at the expense of four ruined days out on the water, and the delays in between repairs).


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    To me, the best outboard brand depends on who employs the best mechanics where you live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronster View Post
    To me, the best outboard brand depends on who employs the best mechanics where you live.

    And that my freinds says it all!! :-)

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