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Thread: Trail Camera on Bait

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    Default Trail Camera on Bait

    For those of you using trail cameras on your bait; What are you using and how do you like it? I am using the basic Stealth Cam 35MM for $49. Works good but I am ready for digital. Waiting for pics is killing me.
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    pretty could always take the film to walmart and it only takes an hour...but yes, it would be nice to see what you have had on the bait without coming back in town.

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    Default Camera

    I recommend the Moultrie 2.1 or higher. I picked one up on ebay for 89 dollars and I heard Cabelas was running a special on the new 4.0 for around 100 bucks. Take a look at the thread Black or Griz (back a couple of ages)and check out the quality of the pics. They came from my 2.1. Good luck


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