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Thread: Long Range Rifle 1000 yds

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    Default Long Range Rifle 1000 yds

    1000 yd NRA Long Range Rifle three gun match at Fort Greely June 15

    600 yd Summer Solstice Fun Match Thursday 6pm June 21 Fort Richardson
    Unlimitied sighters, 20 rounds for record in 30 minutes
    shoot whatever you want, however you want

    3/5/600 Yd NRA HP Midrange Prone and F class match June 22 Fort Richardson

    Come out and shoot!


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    Exclamation 1000 Yd Update

    The Alaska Rifle Club will host a two day series of Long Range Matches at Ft. Greely, near Delta Junction, On Thursday and Friday, June 14 and 15. This is our only chance to shoot 1000 yards in the area! If you plan to attend please contact Craig Parker at or telephone him at (907)745-3828. Craig will be looking for a group to attend the match. Since this is a combined Black Powder Cartridge and High Power event contact Parker no mater which discipline you are in. If there are not enough people attending we will have to cancel it. There has been considerable effort to get this match approved so please contact Craig Parker if you plan to go to Greely.

    Lee Watne


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