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Thread: What Can I Do From a Dock?

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    Default What Can I Do From a Dock?

    I admit, I am as ignorant on saltwater do's and dont's as they come!

    Theres a dock in northern BC, when you're just about in Alaska, it is situated in the saltwater, but in the bay at the mouth of a good sized river. My understanding is that it is quite deep. Is there any chance that a guy can catch shrimp off a dock as such or do you have to be out deeper to get anything done? How about crabs?

    Also can you give me some pointers on fishing from the dock, what do I use? I have been told that a guy can catch quite a variety of fish from the dock, including Kings and silvers. A guy at a fishing shop 120 miles away claimed that halibut could even be taken there.

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    You could probably catch some dungies, or a King crab if you got really lucky with a pot or some rings. They catch king crab off the docks in Juneau. As far as what to use fishing...a pole works well. Cast a pixie, buzz bomb, or kastmaster out there and see what bites!


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