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Thread: Happy Father's Day!

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    Default Happy Father's Day!

    Wishing all of you that are fathers a Happy Father's Day and a safe and successful hunting year! We are the providers and protectors and each day adds to our legacy.

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    Thank you and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Being a dad is one of the greatest attributes of life. My daughters mean everything to me, and I enjoy every moment with them, especially our time in the field and putting meat in the freezer together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .338 mag. View Post
    Wishing all of you that are fathers a Happy Father's Day .
    Thank you and right back at ya! Hear's hoping that all you fathers get as much time with your kids as humanly possible. Savor it all...!!!

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    Default Happy Father's Day!

    No higher duty, honor or joy than fatherhood. I missed out on the spring bear hunting season this year but I hardly miss it. I love spending weekends with this these guys anyway.

    I already agree that, although your life plans and pace change forever, the things that you can do with your kids are so much more fun and meaningful. I just took my oldest boy (5 years) up to the Maclaren lodge to do the highway cleanup and it was so fun. It made me proud and excited to see how well he did on the long car ride and we stopped in a gravel pit for him to shoot a 22 for the first time. It was awesome and eerily familiar. I was 6 and we were driving to Fairbanks when my dad pulled into a gravel pit to give us a break and let me shoot a rifle for the first time. Great memories. Playing and traveling in this great land we have access to is good for a family, IMHO.

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