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Thread: Bradley smoker question

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    Default Bradley smoker question

    Thinking about buying a Bradley smoker... How do you guys like yours?

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    I like mine a lot. I have what they call the Original Bradley Smoker 4 rack, which has manual heat control rather than digital. It works fine and i see no real need to get the digital. A couple of comments...

    The smoker comes with 4 racks. You can buy 4 additional racks and invert one rack over the other to effectively have an 8 rack smoker. This of course assumes you are smoking something rather thin like fish.

    The auto feed of wood biscuits works great. It may be somewhat more expensive than wood chips, but the convenience of not having to add wood every half hour or so, is great.

    The smoker seems to be quite efficient. When i smoke salmon i use about 2 hours of smoke which is 6 biscuits. A box of 48 biscuits is about $17 so a bit over $2.00 per smoking session.

    I would recommend getting high temp jerky screens for the rack if you are planning to smoke fish… The fish slides right off when done.

    My only complaint with the Bradley is that the temp inside the box is inconsistent. The heating element is on the lower part of the back wall of the box therefore the lower racks toward the back cook faster. Halfway thru the smoke, I usually spin each rack and rotate the order from top to bottom to even out the heat.

    There is a very active and informative online forum for bradley owners at:

    I would definitely recommend a Bradley!
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    I love mine, I have the original one as well and it works awesome. I use mine all winter and it's common for me to use it to smoke turkey and prime rib during the winter. I have used mine down to -20 sitting out on my front porch so it works well in the cold.

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    I have modified mine by installing a digital PID temperature control and a second heating element. I can set the temperature +/- 1 degree, load the wood pucks and it does the rest. Combined with a wireless meat thermometer you can easily smoke year round.

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    Thanks for the input!
    I went ahead and got a Bradley original at trustworthy a few days ago.
    Went out and got some reds this morning and they are in the brine right now!


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