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Thread: DLP (bear) question

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    Default DLP (bear) question

    Hey all,
    Had a interesting discussion the other night after hearing about a friend's recent bear run-in (no serious problems). Here's the question: If someone has to shoot a bear in defense, and the bear is obviously wounded after the encounter but still "functioning", should the bear be put down? We discussed whether it would be legal to kill the wounded but no longer attacking animal, the issues of leaving a wounded animal in the woods to probably die, the safety concerns of a wounded bear in populated areas, etc. I guess we decided it would be best to put the animal down, but I'm not sure.

    What does the forum think?
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    I'm not sure how the authorities would view it with problem bears, but if one needs to destroy an unrestrained dog, and the dog is just wounded and not killed, there can be charges filed pertaining to cruelty to animals.

    I was told by animal control authorities long ago that if I had to shoot a problem dog, I'd better kill it...........

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    I think you'd be justified by any decision you made. The law doesn't seem clear on it, but I doubt you'd get in trouble for either course of action. Weigh the factors, and make your decision.

    Leaving a wounded animal in the woods is not really nice. But chasing a wounded bear with a proven attitude might be like offering it a second chance to slap you silly.

    If I were with a friend, I'd probably give chase. Alone? Hmm?

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    Default Ask

    I would assume the best moral coarse of action (for me) would be to give chaise if the situation was in my favor and had backup. I wouldn't go after a wounded problem bear with out help. I would ask a Fish & Game to see how they read the laws.


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