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Thread: Willow June 15th

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    Question Willow June 15th

    Ok this might be my only chance to cast a rod in June. Any tips on what flies to use and where to be for trout. We'll be camping at the willowcreek resort. I love fishing the willow and normally wouldent be asking for help like this but i'm kinda desperate ive been working INSANE amount of hours and this will be my first and (God forbid) possibly only trip this summer and i might throw myself into the river if i get skunked !

    Thanks ,

    John <><

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    Bead to start although fish are not in the system by the hundreds by then on a normal year the trout learn what food is and it is a good searcher type of pattern to work with. I understand it is not a fly. I would then work weighted woolly bugger deep under the bags and logs, olive, tan, and black. If you notice smolt in the system which I doubt by then match the hatch.

    Bottom Line Fly Fishing with Flies and not beads, Bead- Head Brassie / Copper John, Bead ./ cone head woolly bugger attractor, attractor attractor.


    Tight Lines and best Wishes.

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    I have NO hangups fishing with beads , in fact i was really hoping that the ole bead / glo bug variants would work. Thanks for the tip

    John <><


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