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    Is there an area that I can park a float plane for the day on Beluga lake? Coming down to fish with a friend for the day. Thanks

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    Beluga Lake in Homer, not to be confused with other Beluga lakes around the state, has transient parking all along the cause-way road. (west end)
    The area near the MacDonald's corner is better due to less rocks. Do not block the little jetty dock there....
    The rest of the area along the cause-way has rocks of various sizes so plan accordingly. And bring long ropes so you can tie both sides straight up to the road guard-rail.
    Lots of guys come down from Anchorage to meet me for BFRs, and that is usually were we meet. My place on the lake is already crowded.
    There is no av-gas available on the lake unless you know one of the 135 operators. The airport is not far away and if I am around town I can help you jerry-jug some gas over to the lake.
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    Thanks for the info


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