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Thread: what time of year for salmon

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    Default what time of year for salmon

    What time of year is best for fly fishing salmon?
    Are there safe places to camp in a tent next to lakes and rivers?
    What size fish Should I be expecting to catch?

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    Here's a link to sport fish run timing charts -

    Just pick what part of the state you will be fishing and go from there. The answers to your other questions greatly depends on what part of the state you will be fishing.

    Dig around the ADF&G website, it has a lot of helpful information.

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    Late July To October the first week of august being my favorite, silvers are a perfect flyrod fish
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    You can begin catching king salmon on a fly rod in early June, and you can continue catching salmon into October. There are no truly safe places to camp, unless you're in a hard-shell type camper, but the risk is minimal (just try to reduce food scents). You can expect to catch salmon from 4 lbs. up to 35 lbs., but typically you'll be catching 6-20 lb. fish. But since they will be caught in a current, it's probably more likely to feel like 10-30 lb. fish. But you can also expect to get spooled if you're hooking into kings, so bring extra line, or use a good amount of backing.
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    Too many factors....

    What part of Alaska? What type of salmon? Safe from what?

    Alaska is a big place, with several runs of several types of salmon.

    Some runs are in brown/grizzly areas. Some runs are in black bear areas. Some runs are in devils club and mosquito areas.... oh, and lets not forget moose. They're scary too.

    There are 5 species of pacific salmon. Pinks are likely sold in your stores, but, they are not the local favorites.

    Were I you, I'd follow the link Mud posted, and be thinking in terms of sockeye in Southcentral, or Coho anywhere.


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