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Thread: fishing june in cordova

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    Although I have fished many parts of the state I have never been to cordova and it looks like there is a possibility work may send me there for a week in mid june. My main question is what kind of fly fishing does that are offer and how accessible is it? I'm up for anything the big factor is I won't really have time for a full day of fishing with a guide or to rent a boat or whatever so I am hoping there are some spots I can drive or hike to?

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    Sockeye in the Eyak is a possibility. Cut throat trout and dollies at the bridge on the Eyak is a sure bet and possibly up in Power line creek. Cut throat and dollies in Alaganik is a sure bet. Kings down at Hippy Cove. Dollies will be feeding on fry down there as well. Dollies in Hartney Bay feeding on fry as well.
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    I was there in May and the dolly fishing was outstanding, smolt patterns..The road system has some outstanding fly fishing opportunities... Check the regs on Cut Troat as i believe the season may still be closed.
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