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Thread: ACS cell PWS, by Knight Island

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    Default ACS cell PWS, by Knight Island

    This weekend I brought my new phone from acs out to the sound and even though its stated I had reception it gave me an error message that Mobile not registered on network. When I called customer service today she stated that maybe my phone is too current on the 4G network. Anyway, last year I had AT&T and it worked like a champ and wanted to know if anybody else was getting service out there or not. I wondered if maybe it has to do with the fact that they don't turn on the tower until cruise ships start coming through. Very disappointed. Two year contract to wait.

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    I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy 4 and I get reception at N. Knight.
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    iPhone 4g with AT&T gets (poor) voice and (decent) text service S of Lone and N of Knight. No email service though. Also keep a Copper Valley Telecom cell on board which gets good coverage in the eastern Sound, but little elsewhere. I was getting texts last week on my Copper Valley phone along Crafton Island where the AT&T phone had no service.
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    The old ACS 3g CDMA phones worked out there because they roamed on Copper Rivers towers, the newer 4g phones from ACS don't.
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    I've got a gci 4g phone. It's worthless 5 miles outside Whittier. I think they share towers with ACS. Same thing for me, get a message saying not registered on the network. I get a strong signal from main bay and naked Island towers but can't make any calls.

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    Default ACS cell PWS, by Knight Island

    I have both ACS and AT&T..... ACS is far better than at@t. As long as you don't have 4g phone you will have service .
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