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    Default Hook Recommendation

    Heading for Kasilof and Kenai on Sunday. What size single hooks do you recommend to replace my trebs on my warts and kwiks? Can you use singles on both treb locations or just one per lure? Thanks and see you next week.

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    You can only have one hook on. Siwash are the ones to use. As far as the size, it will depend on what size wart or kwik fish used. I like to have the hook just a little bit bigger that the body of the lure.

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    Don't forget you will want the O-Ring for the hook. Check out the picture Doc has in this thread.

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    I've changed from Gamagatsu to Owner....they seem to stay sharper longer when banging on the bottom and I seem to have lost fewer fish - no science there - just my perception.

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    I'm still a Gamakatsu Octopus fan. Whichever brand though, I'd run the single from the middle (forward split ring) on a bead chain so the hook is right at the tail of the lure. I've had good luck with that setup.

    I did get some Owner trebs this year and so far they do seem to be good hooks.

    Good luck!

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    Hook sizing depends on lure size as well as personal preference.

    As cmo1977 so aptly put it, at a bare minimum, you need a hook with enough "bite" so as not to be obscured by the body of the lure. You don't want your plug "shielding" the hook point where it can't find a solid purchase on the fish.

    The upper limit is where things get a bit more subjective. Personally I try to avoid too much bite so as to prevent the hook from reaching up into the fish's eye. That happens a lot with a really big hook.

    For a big-butted K16, I feel a 6/0 is the ideal siwash. You can use a 5/0 if you hang it back with a split-ring combined with a big barrel swivel. I believe 7/0's and 8/0's are overkill. It's much harder to drive that caliber of wire which also leaves a bigger gaping hole on released fish, and with the exaggerated bite, it's just way too easy to take out an eye, especially on the smaller bucks.

    For the slimmer-butted K16-X, I prefer either a 5/0 siwash or a 4/0 Gami 510. Ditto for a K15 which has about the same size butt.

    K14 will take a 4/0 siwash or a 3/0 510.

    K13 will take a 3/0 siwash or a 2/0 510.

    I also recommend modifying your siwash by offsetting the point a few degrees off the plane of the shank to increase hookups on the strike. I also like to bend the hook point toward the shank (mimics the bend in a 510 or octopus-style hook) for better retention of a hooked fish to increased the percentage landed, especially so if you fish barbless.
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    What Doc said.

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    Doc pretty much summed it all up. 6/0 siwash for K-16's and 5/0 siwash for K-15's. You can run trebles on the Kasilof (and bait), but one unbaited single hook only on the Kenai. I personally remove the O rings and add a barrel swivel (and then the hook) at the butt end of the lure. I have used both Owner and Gami's on my Kwikfish and haven't noticed a difference in hook up ratios between the two. I'm gonna try bending the shank like Doc said to see if that increases my ratio a bit. The water is getting high enough on the Kenai that a diver is needed w/ your k-15's, but it's up to you if you use them with your k-16's. Straight K-15's w/ no diver on the ditch. Good luck, see ya out there.

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