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Thread: Its still early last May 18 snowstorm reminder

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    Default Its still early last May 18 snowstorm reminder

    Just a reminder if pepole are getting discouraged about the bears not hitting hard. Last year it snowed Heavy on May 18
    Here is how much snow landed in each corner of town and in parts of the Mat-Su, between Friday afternoon and 4 p.m. Saturday, according to the Weather Service: Anchorage Upper De Armoun: 6.0 inches
    Upper O'Malley: 4.0 inches
    De Armoun/Birch: 3.5 inches
    Paradise Valley: 2.5 inches
    Seward Highway near Campbell Creek: 1.9 inches
    Weather Service Sand Lake office: 0.4 inches

    Eagle River Hiland Road: 9.1 inches
    Eagle River Road Mile 6: 6.3 inches
    Eaglewood Subdivision: 4.4
    Chugiak: 4.0 inches
    Palmer: 3.6 inches

    Read more here:

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    Ha ha ha, hard to imagine with the weather were having, thanks for the reminder!!!

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    pull my finger....


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