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    Just got first hand knowledge from the guy who did it, blew up a Ruger SRH .454 Casull. He's a great reminder to PAY ATTENTION when reloading. No names to protect the idio, uh, innocent. Anyway, he grabbed what he thought was a container of W-W 296, but grabbed W-W231. The old round containers look kind of similar. 29.5 grains and a trip to the range= no top strap and part of the cylinder gone. We all know how strong these guns are, so the pressure must have been one step beyond freaky. When the guy came in to pick up the NEW gun Ruger had replaced the other one with, I gently chastised him. Well, kind of gently. No physical damage done to him. Had an angel on his shoulder that day.

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    I think I'm going to hate the answer, but did Ruger replace the gun for free?

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    Default Ruger replacement

    I'm not 200% positive, but I think so. I'll check on it and get back to you. Even though it was obviously the guy's fault. Ruger might have replaced it to do some inspection and testing of it, just in case there was a fault in the gun, no matter how small the possibility.

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    Default Free Rugers..

    If they did replace it that would be number six that I know of that they have replaced after the same kind of That makes three of them that were due to W-231. One guy claimed factory loads and one guy claimed he was using H110 (yeah right) and one guy admitted he used a case ful of R-100. Thought that was close to H110.

    That is some lucky shooting that day. Pressure would be about100,000 psi to do that. The gun will probably take 75-80 kpsi without damage. One more reason why Ruger prices keep climbing.
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    Default SRH blow-up

    Yeah, I figured between 100,000 and 120,000. What Carpenter Technologies created, let some dang unobservant, uh, gentleman blow asunder.


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