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    Hi Guys,

    I am planning a DIY September deer hunt on POW, and have been able to find some great info on this site about that part of the trip. As long as the hunt works out well, I'm hoping do some bottom fishing if time permits. I think I will be able to rent a small skiff locally, and am looking for any input on tackle/lures I should pack. I'm not looking to target monsters, but just to get out for a day or 2 and maybe add some rockfish or halibut fillets to the freezer.

    I have seen some suggestions for metal jigs (crippled herring), and soft plastics on jig heads, but would appreciate any advice. Also, is it possible to get into fish by exploring some of the quieter coves in a small boat, or is this pretty much an open water fishery?


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    It depend if you planning to fish the east side or the west side of the Island.

    A small piece of Herring on many types of jigs work well for Rock God. I like the B2 Squid bodies with or without Herring bait.


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