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Thread: Nice Trip Up Barry Arm

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    Default Nice Trip Up Barry Arm

    I did a trip from Whittier to Serpentine glacier Sunday - Tuesday evening. Got my face washed a few times in Passage Canal but very nice water after taking the left. I didn't see a single sea lion last year but ran across groups of them all the way from Pigot to Pt. Pakenham. Nary a whale this time. Actually caught and released 2 mini halibut up there...(P.Pak). Was pleased that the whole trip consumed 17 gallons of gas leaving me a third of my fuel in reserve. Not pleased that I became distracted while retrieving and left my motor running for several minutes out of water on the trailer. Some people's kids...sheesh! BTW...Are these pictured seals or sea lions?

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    I am now an expert but they look like sea lions to me.
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    I thought that's what they were...Anyway, that's what I was seeing. Those were at the Barry arm entrance. Must be anticipating a salmon dinner in the near future.

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    The whales must all have been in Pigot Bay! One lone acrobatic animal, plus a separate group of 3 kept us entertained all last weekend.
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    I'll be darned! Got out of Whittier late Sunday night and stayed in Pigot until about 8am Monday...didn't see a one. I couldn't open your attachment, Steve, but I bet it was way cool seeing a jumper. I never have except in videos...hope to get lucky this year!

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    Hopefully the pics show up here:PWS_May_2014-3.jpg
    "Money may not buy you happiness, but it will buy you a big enough boat that you can get close enough for a look."


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