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    So I never promise anything to anyone on the boat other than I will do what I can to make sure it's a safe and enjoyable trip. Well last week I was having dinner with my friend Leah, she has to leave Kodiak and wasn't happy about not getting to do any fishing, her baby girl is sick and she's got to move south for her. I promised I get her a King, Ling, Halibut and Yelloweye before she left this week. I was really hoping I hadn't let my alligator mouth over load my hummingbird..... Everyone in the game knows you don't guarentee anything, not this time of year, not that list anyway. So I when the weather became absolutely amazing on Thursday, I called Andrews Air to pick me up 3 days early from my bear hunt, specifically for the picture below. So we grabbed breakfast on Saturday morning at Java Flats and set out under beautiful sunny skies, warm weather and flat seas, not good king catching weather. We spent all day, barefoot, shorts and tank tops, getting sunburned, enjoying the weather, it was perfect, especailly after we got the first king in the boat, then the 2nd, then she puts a 40lber in the boat!!! Then off to the rockpiles, in 2 drifts we knock out the yelloweye, halibut and Lingcod. That was by far the most fun I've had on the boat in I can't remember how long. We finihsed off the trip to the dock watching Orca's swim around and play with leftovers of a Sea Lion. Then off to the Olds River for dinner, a perfect end to a perfect day.10312383_236327539897126_3513960575012078452_n.jpg That's how you show a big king some love!!!!
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    Nice, great job


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