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Thread: General caribou questions

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    Question General caribou questions

    Going on first caribou hunt in early September west of Lake Iliamna area. Have several general questions: 1) in that area what time does the sun rise and set? 2) regarding caribou movements, do they move all day long or is early and late in the day better for hunting? 3) will be uning my Remington 700 in 30-06 and not sure what a good bullet would be to shoot? Know I would be better with a heavier/stronger bullet than used to shooting for whitetail deer here in Missouri, (no bears here).

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    You can generate your own sunrise/sunset or moonrise/moonset table for entire year for any location in U.S. or worldwide at the U.S. Naval Observatory's Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year site. If you just want a single day's data, see Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day. Be sure to read the note re: Daylight Time lower on the page.

    Iliamna will work as a place name for these -- I tested it.

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    Default Iliamna Bou

    When caribou are moving through, they don't care what time of day it is - they're just as apt to come through at lunchtime, as early or late.

    Lots of good choices for .06 bullets - use the 180 grain Nosler Partition, Barnes, Core Lokt, or new Winchester bullet - see which one your rifle likes best. All will drop a bou with ease if you hit the vitals.

    Who are you flying out of Iliamna with? Did a couple hunts out of there in 04 and 05, got caribou both times but no moose. Send me a PM if you want more info, and good luck.


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    hope they are there, other wise it won't matter what bullets you've got or what time of day it is, caribou numbers been dropping bad in that area, see if you can do some research on how last fall went in that area. not sure if your going guided or just transported but you might wanna get ahold of as many of last years references as possible as well as find the bioligst (sp) for the caribou in that area...good luck, some awesome country over there.
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    Default I sent you a PM

    N*** Hunter,
    I sent you a PM. I hunted in that area the year before last, and have some info for you.


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