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Thread: PWS Shrimper Violation Thread

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    Default PWS Shrimper Violation Thread

    Hi folks,

    I just deleted a thread that was discussing alleged violations by a PWS commercial shrimper. By way of a reminder, we do not allow posting of police blotter reports, or discussion of same, here on the site. We've had this policy for a slew of years, and if you don't remember why (or never knew), you can read about it AT THIS LINK.

    Thanks for your cooperation! No infractions on this one, just be careful okay?


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    Default yes but

    In that thread's defense Mike even a simple straightforward policy like that can seem confusing to the reader when they read some blotter-type posts and reports on here and others are verboten. Like aviation reports have always been allowed, many boating violations have been, and also fish violation posts if the violators last name is Medred, and so on.

    Not poking holes or fun, just stating that even the most crystal clear policy gets a little muddied when seeming inconsistencies exist.

    And of course inconsistencies will always seem to exist both because we all have our own type of beer goggles on, and since you do allow user posts to appear before/without moderation first, or even at all - and its not like anyone has a paying job to read and correct things here (despite some appearances of this being so, lol) bringing all into strict alignment with rules.


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