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Thread: Tatshenshini Fishing?

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    I'm planning to float the Tatshenshini in late July and was wondering whether or not to bring fishing gear. I imagine there will be kings in the river at that point, but it's probably way to silty to fish in the main river. Anyone know of any clearwater tributaries that might be worth a shot either on the Tatshenshini or on the Alsek?

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    Default Tatshenshine Fishing?

    Probably best to leave your fishing gear at home. I'm an avid fisherman and have done the trip without gear and didn't regret it.

    Sockeye and king salmon will be present in the system, but the runs are relatively small and the Tat/Alsek are very heavily glacial colored. Some clear tribs exist, especially near the end of the trip near Dry Bay (Cabin Creek may be the best) but they are small and contain mostly Dolly Varden.

    Also remember that most of your trip will be in Canada, so if you do choose to fish, you'll need appropriate licenses. There will probably be some king salmon in the Klukshu River (a clear stream) at Dalton Post near your put-in, but sport-fishing in the Klukshu is often closed to anglers.


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