OK, here is a report on the new Yamaha 700 with power steering. I have put 22 hours on the new machine now and I can't say enough good about it so far. I know that everyone thinks their machine is the "Bomb" and they are all good, but this 700 is head and shoulders above my Grizzly 660 in handling on the rough stuff. At 61 years old I am probably older than a lot of the people reading this but I still get out there and ride a lot. I really like the fact that I can side hill for long distances and can even do so with one hand.

The center of gravity is lower on this one as the fuel tank is under the seat now instead of up higher in front. It isn't as prone to tipping as the 660 is which is a problem with the independent rear suspension on all of these machines.

The fuel injection is more instantly responsive than the carbuerator powered 660. My friend rode my 660 and I switched machines a couple of times to compare rides. Both of us agreed that the 700 is much more of a machine.