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    I have a Nikon F-100 (and an old F-3T) but am about to bite onto a good DSLR. I want (must) hang on to all my Nikon lenses and use them on the new one so.... Is the Nikon Digital D100/200 or what ever it is now, I haven't look lately, worth it's $$$? I mean in so much as any over priced Nikon is.

    I have good quality lenses, the newer D type for my F-100 and expect them to be compatable with the digital, I'll check that out with the Nikon site. Don't want to give up film just want to a digital body to the tool chest.
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    I've never used one, but just about everybody that has, says the D200 is a very good camera for the money. There are pluses & minuses about any camera and it's competition, but I doubt you will be sorry you bought a D200.

    Some older Nikon lenses won't meter on some newer Nikon bodies, but I believe the D200 will work with all of them. Also, the latest little D40 will only autofocus with G type lenses, but again, this is not an issue with the D200. It's a good choice if you have a sack full of older Nikors.

    What you may have an issue with is the optical sensor being smaller than a piece of film. Everything gets cropped. On the plus side it's like all your long lenses get a free 1.5x multiplier. On the negative side, all your wide lenses get the same cropping effect. So a good 28-70mm lens becomes like a 42-105mm. The bottom line is, you may want to buy a buy a digital specific normal zoom in the 17-55mm range. Or if you like really wide lenses, get a 12-24mm to go with what you have.

    And then all you have to do is add: lots of memory cards, a portable image storage device, a card reader, a faster computer with lots more of RAM, a bigger hard drive, an external hard drive, a second backup external hard drive, a good imaging editing program, a better RAW (NEF) converter, a color calibration device, a nice photo printer, a website to show the images off, web design software, and lots and lot and lots of education to make it all work seamlessly.

    Enjoy your new digital life.


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