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    So we have arrived at the point where the State is going to tell us what it costs to keep the cabins. We are getting an indication that the annual fees might be waived because we are a federally recognized non-profit and the cabins will be kept for the public good.

    That said Alaska State law still requires that we pay for the public notice process estimated to be 350$. The Mat-Su Trails Council has already put in 200$ for the lease applications, done the paperwork and respond to the States requests for information. Paying the full public notice cost is going to be hard to pass by the Board.

    I would like folks to start thing about what these cabins mean to you. Even if you have never been there, knowing that they are there for you to use if you ever desire. Then figure out how much cash you are willing to donate to help us keep these for future use. If this goes forward we will set up something via paypal when the time comes to ask for contributions.

    Mat-Su Trails Council

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    I have just about reached the point where I am going to give up on this effort and let the State burn the cabins.

    The State has told us over and over for three months that all they need is a drawing to go forward with the public notice. We provided the drawing and then get slammed with a bunch of new requirements. Among them resubmitting the entire development plan, buying commercial insurance and possibly having to post a 5,000$ bond for each cabin. The State will hold the money until the cabins are removed. For the same three months they have been saying that they might waive this 5,000$ fee but have not reached a decision. From my past experience I expect that they will make us jump thru all these hoops then not waive the fee resulting in a huge waste of our time. Our non-profit doesn't have that kind of money plus the State is already holding 3,000$ of our funds from other projects.

    So it comes down to this, do you want to save these cabins?

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    i do stop in at the motor musher cabin atleast once each winter. it would be a shame to see the state destroy a perfectly good cabin in that area that is open to the public. It has and will continue to help out hunters and rec users year round.
    This state really needs to just let it stand in my opinion.

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    I don't understand the state's need to demolish these remote cabins in recreational areas. They have already done away with one cabin in that area which I know for a fact has been a saving grace to those caught in sudden, inclement weather. We ourselves have sought refuge in Motor Musher's cabin one hunting season when there was really bad weather. What if neither of these cabins had not been there for us or any of the other folks who sought safety & shelter? People are fighting to keep these cabins in place for these very reasons, yet the pleas fall on deaf ears at the state and as with all government entities these days, the rules, regulations and reports just keep making it more and more difficult for anyone except large corporations (and even they are getting squeezed) to continue doing business or providing needs for people. These cabins are in the middle of nowhere and are not causing any harm to anyone or anything. I think the state needs to be a little more accommodating.

    I hope you get the remaining funds donated that you need!

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    TMS it is not all about the money even though that is a big part of it. Everyone needs to contact the proper people and get the ball rolling. They have the ability to leave the cabins there with out all of the paper work and money.I know the battle that he is fighting as I was part of the battle carried on by the Mat Su Motor Mushers trying to get the same thing. If snowbear would list all of the people and in the order that they rank we could have a list to work with. With all of the people running for office this fall now would be a good time to bend some ears.

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    At this stage I don't recommend a phone calling, letter writing campaign. Sometimes it is necessary to call out the big guns but that always comes at a cost. The administrators are in the jobs for a long time and never forget those things. The director has responded to us and offered staff to assist in with the new development plans. He says "It appears that there is justifiable reason for a bond, though the amount has not yet been determined. Once you have provided the necessary information they can proceed with the decision process". It really sucks that we have to go thru this at all. We have enough to do raising money and working on permits for gravel-on-the-ground projects as it is. If there is anyone that is will to assist with this application please contact me at

    aka snowbear

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    Nobody stepped up so we let the deadline pass and told DNR that we did not have the time or dollars to dedicate to this project. Our mission is more about building & maintaining trails and we are 100% busy finishing up the Purinton Bridge and the Eska West ATV Trail reconstruction.

    After the deadline passed DNR called and made some compromises on the application process. We answered the remaining questions and I believe it has gone to public notice. It would be a good time to make comments.

    We will still be required to post bonds that will be held for the life of the cabins. The bonds are a tool to make sure the cabins are maintained and should they become unusable, that the remains will be removed. We expect the bonds to be in the 2000$ range. We will be doing some kind of fund raising effort. Please consider using a few bucks from your PFD to save these cabins.

    aka snowbear

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    Really appreciate all the effort and time you and others take for the benefit of so many. Thank you.


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