Im only speaking for me. I don't want you to give me a tanned hide. Ive spent over 20 years in the business and have found a tannery that I like, provides a good product with good stretch and a quick turnaround. Ive used many many tanneries over the years and by trial and error found one that I think produces the best product. And depending on what you want to have mounted(rug, 1/2 mount, shoulder etc., I will either have the hide wet tanned or dry tanned.

I have of course received tanned hides from people trying to save a couple bucks by having it tanned themselves. Generally you can get them to come together, but I have had skins come in that were tanned in Africa that were unmountable.

As for your first question, If you mean while you are waiting for your hunt to end, you should be fine. As the humidity increases you will see some sweating on the hide/hair from the high salt content in the hide. It actually draws moisture in, but as the humidity drops, you will see it go away. If you mean how long can you store it once you get home, I advise keeping it in a cool, dry place until you can get it to your taxidermist. I would not leave a salted hide outdoors. I have had salted hides come in from Africa on many occasions that were over 1 year old.