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Thread: image sizing ??????

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    Question image sizing ??????

    Ok i know this isnt really pictures but Photography. In windows xp there was the image resizer for windows. It doesnt work for vista. Does antbody know something you can batch resize images i have been getting alot of pictures this year and would like to size them down so easier to deal with.
    So any help would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! them maybe i can learn some place like photo bucket and share some pictures.
    the Happy Alaskan

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    Photobucket will automatically resize them for you. Just pick the size you want them to upload at.

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    I use a free program called XnView to batch resize. It will also rename and sharpen in the process if you want.

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    Talking thanks

    Ok guys thanks for the help
    photo bucket does resize for me works great
    but now im not a photographer at all i use a little nikon 5600 when out playing just because it fits in my pocket so well while riding but any way sence you guys helped i will share
    and this is a picture of Mrs happy alaskan

    thanks again
    the happy alaskan


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