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    I have already posted the following in the canoe-forum, but did not receive any answers, so I thought there might be somebody in this forum who could provide me with some information.

    Thanks a lot


    has anyone of you done the Alatna River all the way from Gaedeke Lake to its confluence with the Koyukuk?

    Any information as far as the water-level at the beginning of August up in the Gaedeke region is concerned, as well as the fishing along the river and its adjacent lakes would be appreciated.

    You can also email me at: xhendrixx(at)

    Thanks a lot

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    You have a couple of options IMO for easy information. 1st PM Mike Strahan the Owner of this Forum and or Karen Jettmar. Larry B or Geaux Might be able to assist as well.

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    Hi BlueMoose,

    thanks a lot for your reply!


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