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Thread: Major Changes Coming to the Alaska Outdoors Supersite!

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    Default Major Changes Coming to the Alaska Outdoors Supersite!

    Hi folks,

    We've spent the better part of this winter working on a new design for the site. Lots of reasons for the changes, but the best news is that we are moving the main site pages, together with the Store and the Directory, to a responsive design. For those not familiar with that, it means that the contents of our pages will automatically reformat themselves to fit the screen of whatever device you are using. About 20% of our traffic is by mobile devices (tablets and smart phones), and that proportion is growing. We cannot ignore our mobile users! So stay tuned; some great things are coming that will make the site much more user-friendly.

    We've also re-worked our site navigation in order to make our content easier to find. We hope this will better serve the needs of this community, as many of our newer members are not aware of the hundreds of pages on the site that are specifically focused on your questions about gear, places to go, techniques, trip planning and tons more.

    I've got some screen shots of the new layout posted on our Facebook page for those interested in having a look (while you're there, be sure to "friend" us, so you can receive these updates there. We are trying to use Facebook to post news about the site itself, so that's where you will find that stuff mostly.

    Please remember that we are still working on this, and some things may change before we launch. We're really close to the finish line, so stay tuned.

    Regrettably, the forums will be unaffected by most of these changes, as the current responsive templates that are available for that software are not stable enough for our liking. We will move in that direction when the time is right, however.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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    Mike, why has your beard gone so gray as of late? :-))


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    I am sorry but that was funny!

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    Youngsters have a weird sense of humor.....

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    it's because he is a GRANDFATHER now!!
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