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Thread: Just got a Honda 2 H.P. for my Grumman square-stern

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    Default Just got a Honda 2 H.P. for my Grumman square-stern

    I have a 17' Grumman square-stern (while my eternal quest for a good used 19' continues). Today I bought a Honda 2 h.p. outboard for it, and am pleasantly surprised by how well it moves along.

    At low RPM's, it cruises along very efficiently and quietly. I went for an hour-long "test drive" with my wife, son and dog and didn't burn through the quart of gas in the integral tank.

    The engine is air-cooled, and it gets unpleasantly loud at high RPM's. I suspect the fuel efficiency isn't nearly as good there, either.

    I need to take along my GPS next time and see exactly how fast it is.

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    Default Motor On Canoe

    sound like you are having fun with your play toy, just remenber to be safe
    an watch out for large lakes [large waves]

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    Congrats! I have the same for my coleman scanoe, and I really like it.


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