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Thread: Tikka battue left hand

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    Default Tikka battue left hand

    Where in the US can you get?or can we buy in Canada?

    Looking for a 9.3
    or a t3 with a short barrel

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    I know next to nothing about Tikka but you can import a sporting rifle from Canada, not that easy tho.

    If you buy it in Canada then any FFL holder can import your gun for you (not for resale) buy doing a long drawn out ATF Form 6 (multi stage form) dance with ATF and Customs to get the okay to import. Then the usual 4433 too once itís here. Be ready for some fees from your FFL for all the PITA once you find one willing to do the dance for you. Importing one at a time is something usually only done on higher end and uncommon guns, usually done for a new production guns like a Tikka hundreds at a time by large distributers.
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