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Thread: B & J -vs- Sportsmans Warehouse

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    Default B & J -vs- Sportsmans Warehouse

    I have shopped both, and if I have my preference it would be B&J. The service there is awesome. I am not sure what Tommy & Alfonso do to get all their energy but those 2 are going highspeed all the time. I have always recieved good advice from them. Sportsman Warehouse gets a lot of respect from me as well. They have offered a 10% discount to me on several occasions because I am retired Military. I don't shop there to get the discount, I shop there however because they give the discount. In short anyone that pays respect to the armed forces will get my buisness when its possible.

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    Default Second that..

    Those guys are great. I'd shop there w/out the mil discount (although it is nice, both monetarily and for the thoughtfulness - I don't consider it a marketing/business ploy). I'm getting ready to PCS back to the lower 48 for a while (I'll be back as soon as Uncle Sugar let's me), when I told Alfonso he gave me his home # with an invitation to look him up to go fishing any time I happened to be in town - like I said, great guys..

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    Both places are good.
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    Default Trust Worthy in Soldotna

    Trust Worthy in Soldotna always does me right. They really know how to treat locals and especially the guides. I find there prices to be better than anywhere else.
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    B&J's will give Military discount as well...I have gotten good advice from "dude" about shrimping and whatnot...I prefer B&J's..

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    B&Js carry SPRO jigs, AKA the best saltwater jigs I've ever seen in Alaska
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    B&J is more expensive, but with the service and information they've given me, it's been worth the extra money. On the other hand, with the price of fuel these days, I will shop around.

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    Default B & J

    I prefer B&J. Tom & Alphonso go all out and are willing to share a wealth of knowledge. I couldn't get anyone at Sportsmens Warehouse to answer basic questions. I bought a fishing reel at Sportsmen's Warehouse and asked them to put the line on. The service person acted like I was a thorn in his sock.

    Tom & Alphonso had several customers while I was there and they seemed to run around and keep them all happy. Tom even gave me his home telephone number so I could call him later because he couldn't answer one of my questions but he knew he had the information at home.

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    Shopped them both but prefer Trustworthy Hardware when in Soldotna.


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