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Thread: Kuiu vs Firstlite merino

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    Default Kuiu vs Firstlite merino

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering what the differences are between Kuiu's 230 merino zip T and Firstlite's Chama QZ merino shirt? I understand the Kuiu is a poly/merino blend and the Firstlite is 100% merino. But what are the pros and cons of each? Which would make a better second layer over a lightweight merino base? Which is your favorite and why? Thanks for any help.

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    I don't have the First light Chama, but I have the Kuiu 230 merino zip T. I consider it a first/base layer. I have a bunch of merino and blend and for a blend I like my Stoic 230 Merino blend better, but the Kuiu is nice. I have the first gen Kuiu 100% Merino 230 shirt and I like it better than any of the Firstlight that I have.

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    I've had several pieces of merino wool by Kuiu, First Lite, Minus 33 among others.

    I like Minus 33 but in reality I don't think there's a nickel's worth of difference in most of them...just boils down to fit and features for price.
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    I have mostly Icebreaker and Stoic merino, with one long sleeve Kuiu merino shirt to use as an outer layer when it is downright warm. I'm not overly concerned about camo, but most of my other merino shirts are orange, bright blue, or black, so I figured one in camo couldn't hurt. As for the differences between them, there isn't much, though I think I prefer 100% merino. I like a 150 as a base most of the time, but sometimes a 200 come September.

    Actually, I do have a preference. Whichever one is on sale (usually via steepandcheap) is my preference. Never, ever pay full price - sales prices can be found.


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