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Thread: Any bottom fishing out of Seward this time of year?

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    Default Any bottom fishing out of Seward this time of year?

    Roads are good, ice is gone, never fished in the salt before May, is there anything to be had in SW PWS or the capes between Reserection and Puget?

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    Yes there is some fishing at this time of year but not what you are used to….A ton of P cod all over the 50 fathom edge and that is where there are some halibut too. If you look shallower, you won't find the bait or the fish. it is fishing in 280 - 330 along the edges from Barwell to Cape Junken. IF you put the day in and cut some cod strips up to pair with a half herring, you will catch some fish. It takes longer and the fish can be smaller than you will see later in May. Especially since the biomass has declined, fishing early has been less productive than it used to be. For many years I fished from March 22nd until October 5. The early season was actually quite good, weather permitting. In recent years I have not seen it as productive, but if you are looking to get out, it is worth the ride. There are also some Kings around in the Bay. A local guy caught six in a couple hours a week or so ago. Thats all I know…… I am not fishing until about the 21st of May this year. I have other obligations this spring that make getting ready before then impossible.

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    First fish on the boat out of Seward last year on April 20 was a 72# Halibut...roughly 25 miles from port. It is worth the ride if you ask me. Trick is catching some calm water to sit and fish.

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    Yeah Andy. I remember some pretty good days in late March. Not going very far either. Can't wait to get out.

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    Fishing is always good out of Seward, catching can sometimes be slow!


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