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Thread: Searching for a new pack

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    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a new internal frame pack for backpacking. Most of my trips will be 3 days or less. I would prefer to not spend an arm and a leg, so 200 dollars or less preferably. Color doesn't really matter, but camo is always a bonus. Any reccomendations?

    thanks, Alex

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    Gregory Boltoro 70. Right at your price point, too. I really like mine. Very comfortable. Carries a load well and sits well on my hips and shoulders. Easy access/easy packing/unpacking. Used mine on Crow's Creek pass and a few other places. You can get "extended" hip pads if your a fatty, like me. The hip pad pivots a little bit to match your hip position, and they have good lumbar fit and support. They're a little heavy at 5 ish pounds, but unlike the ultra light crap, they're tough and will carry a load year after year. They sell them at REI.

    Edit: Just realized you're in Maine. I'm guessing you're going on the AT. I've sectioned some of the AT many years ago. Unless you're counting every ounce, like a thru-hiker, this will be a good pack on the AT for short (50-ish miles) section hikes.


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