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Thread: Traditional Bow Tuning/ Shooting

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    Default Traditional Bow Tuning/ Shooting

    I bought a recurve last year. And got a half dozen arrows from Full Curl. Was wondering if any traditional guys got together to shoot to see if I could catch a few pointers, since I haven't shot since High School ( a good 10yrs ago) and some good company. I eventually plan to hunt but I need lots of practice and then want to get certified.


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    Hi Casey,

    Congratulations on going toward the elegant simplicity of traditional archery equipment.

    There are lots of guys on this site that are very knowledgeable and informative. I am sure you will soon get lots of help from them. In the meantime, I found this Reference Guide for Recurve Archers to be very helpful for tuning

    Best wishes

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    Join the Northwest archers at kinkaid park, they have a lot of trad shooters and I think they shoot Tuesday eves in the summer
    great bunch of guys that are fun to shoot with

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    There is a good traditional group down your way also. Traditional archers of Alaska are based down your way. I think the monthly get together's were in palmer for awhile. There's also the Jay Massey shoot mid summer. I know the big 3d shoots has some trad guys also. It's been a number of years since I've drove down for shoots so things may have changed. if you're looking for a trad group I would personally start with TAA and branch out from there.


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