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    Question Tidal Effects

    I noticed the new sticky with the tide charts on them, and I was wondering how far up some of the drainages they apply to.

    For instance does the tide affect how/when you should fish a place like montana creek or is this so far up the drainage that it won't matter. This may be a dumb question, but the tides seem to have such a huge affect on fishing conditions that I was wondering if by adapting the tables somewhat for areas further north I would be more successful.

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    Default Tides and tribulations...

    The closer you are to the mouth of any drainiage, the greater the effect. Most persons who fish the mouth structure their time to be on the receiving end of the high about 2 hours before it comes. Incoming fish usually haven't been been subjected to any enticemnt on that incoming sweep, and those conditions are quite favorable for the catch.

    The farther away, the less you will notice the effect.

    Take Montana for instance. In all my times there, I never noticed any changes reflected by tides that hit its mouth. It flows into the Susitna, whose mouth is miles away to Cook Inlet and its tidal flow.

    Locals who were there much more than me might note changes, but in rememberance, I didn't.

    Yet a sort drainage will certainly put you on the move. Bird is a classic example. Anglers are at its mouth before the high, and then follow the fish as much as acessability permits.

    The shorter the tributary, the more attentive you become to the tide. My favorite situation is one of first resting pool at sunrise. Those that lie unmmolested from their darkness surge are then the best targets, ever.

    I am far from the expert, but this attentiveness to timing and opportunity has worked well for me for over two decades...


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