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Thread: Grizzly Sticks vs POC

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    Default Grizzly Sticks vs POC

    So I have a half dozen Grizzly Stick Alaskan's I had built to mirror my POC's that I'm shooting. Long story short, shot 4 of them, 2 blew up on the first shots. One on a rock, ok, understandable, the second hitting high on the target and hit the plastic handle. Now I've hit the plastic handle a bunch with my POC's and never had an issue. Had these Grizzlies built for my bear hunt in May, thinking I'll take my POC's instead. I've put over a 1000 shots into this doz POC's I have and broke 3, but one jsut blew the knock off, so, broke 2. both the Griz Stick snapped clean in the same spot, 1/4" back from the end of the brass insert. I've only snapped one POC, that was a big rock stump thumpin, the other was a split shaft stump thumpin as well.

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    if an arrow hits straight on they do surprisingly well. I've shot steel plates with cedar and ash, busted up car doors etc. If they hit crooked, snaparoooo. I'm betting your carbons aren't hitting straight. Right behind the insert is your weakest point. Its why the guys are footing carbons.


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