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Thread: Your go-to CLP Help wanted

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    Default Your go-to CLP Help wanted

    Recently I did a review of cold bluing products and in that review I included corrosion resistance but used only BC Barricade. I stated that I intend to do a review of a variety of gun-centric rust inhibitors. Im amassing (my wife says hoarding) quite a stock pile of CLP products focusing on the “P” aspects. To that end I want to make sure I have a comprehensive list of products gun owners might use to stave off rust on their firearms so Im coming to you for suggestions of which products I should secure for this evaluation. Ive scrubbed the store shelves of Gander and Cabelas and Bass Pro and Farm and Fleet and Fleet Farm as well as online outlets for rust inhibitors that cant easily be found. Id like to do a side by side evaluation of about 15 or 20 products and want to know what everybody uses to keep your gun rust free. I figure that by the time I buy the most common 15 or so that would cover the lion’s share of what the average guy uses.

    Im focusing on manufactured/commercial brands and wont be evaluating home brews or gunsmith “secret recipes”. So please list em up and tell me that no evaluation would be complete without including brand “X”. I plan to post this request in a few different areas on the forum to attract as many suggestions as possible because some guys are hunters an others are only target shooters or only waterfowl hunt but don’t deer hunt so if you see it multiple times you need only reply in one thread. Thanks for your help.

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    FP-10 good for the temps we get here at North Pole


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    One of the best rust preventatives that I use is Thompson/Center's Wonder Lube. Same stuff they sell for muzzle loader patch lubricant. It's non-toxic and smells good. Not much of a CL, just a P. I realized how well it works because I use it to cover my old easy-rusting Renegade cap lock. I coat the inside of the barrel and every other bit of metal on my gun and it never rusts, even in warm humid environments. That wasn't the case using BreakFree.

    I now use it as a long term preservative. It's kind of waxy. I don't use it to coat bores on my regular rifles, just the Renegade. There was a test run on rust preventatives done after Katrina (museum guns which were damaged) and it is pretty eye watering what works and what doesn't.

    Here is one:

    Well, I can't find the post Katrina one. But it recommended using something like Renaissance Wax, with the metal heated before application.


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