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Thread: Delta area antlerless moose hunt?

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    Default Delta area antlerless moose hunt?

    Filled out my draw permit application the other day. It was the first time I noticed the large number of antlerless moose permits being given out for the Delta area. I think it was around 900 for the 3 areas. Anybody know why so many permits for that area?

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    Smile some info

    I was curious too. There is some information here:
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    Lots of Moose in the areas. Very liberal regs are not the norm for most of the state. When they are, you can always bet there are biological reasons for the liberal reg.

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    Default Delta moose

    25 years ago there were probably not many more moose there than the number of permits now being offered. At that time, the season was closed by emergency order when 15 bulls were taken after just a few days.

    In the early 1980s, a few individuals got a real vision for what might be possible with fewer wolves in the area. They used a variety of legal means to take quite a few wolves. Other trappers and hunters also contributed. The change in moose calf percentages the following fall was astonishing. After several years of holding wolf numbers down, the increase in the mooose population gathered momentum and has basically continued to increase.

    Certainly the reduction in wolf numbers was not the only issue, but in this case I believe it was the biggest.

    The antlerless moose hunt has been delayed primarily because it wasn't universally wanted in the area. After the population is reduced in size, permit numbers will probably fall.

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    Default Moose

    Dont really know but I have room in the freezer for one if I draw...


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