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    I am buying a house on Seymour Lake in Wasilla and am curious of the prospects of fishing that is there.

    I have never really been a fresh water fisherman, per se. Growing up my grandfather had a pond in Michigan that we got blue gills out of, but besides that I don't have much experience whatsoever. I am usually only out in the salt water.

    Do you guys usually eat the trout that you pull out of there or just catch and release? Is it year round? Is there anything in the stocked lakes besides trout?

    Thanks for the education in advance.

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    This will answer some of your questions:

    You will have to check the regs to see if harvesting fish is legal from Seymore Lake. If the water is clear, the fish usually taste good. If the lake is murky or muddy, that is what the fish taste like (my personal experience/opinion).
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