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Thread: Cabelas opener Last night

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    Ok. I know lots of yu guys made the "Friends and Family" private opening last night at Cabelas. What are your thoughts?

    My daughter works there and the management told the crew that of the 3 grand openings this week last night would be the smallest. #2 is the construction grand opening and the 10th is the general public opener.

    Last night was a story of lots of employees on the floor and long lines to check out. My kid tells me they had 3 power outages yesterday. I guess that is why they have these practice runs! I like the store. Not as big as some in the lower 48 but nicely laid out with nice touched on the Alaska them.

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    It was a nice touch to have the Color Guard there and the National Anthem sang. It looks to me like parking is going to be a problem at this store. When I left at 6:00pm there were people waiting for parking spots. They did have ammo and that was by far the most crowded corner in the store. They limited us to one brick per ticket for 22LR. The mounts were cool and the fish aquarium were nice. It will be nice to take the grandkids in there once the mad rush is over. If that was the smallest Grand Opening??? I am glad I won't be at the others.

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    I agree with you on the parking issue. Many of the Lower 48 stores have huge lots to deal with the motorhomes alone. I left around 8:30 and it was still packed. There was about 20-30 min line to check out. I noticed that Anchorage PD was cruising the parking lot real slow. Not sure if they were looking for something or just making their presents felt.

    Over all I liked what I saw! I buy lots of Cabelas Gear for my outfitting business and I have always been able to get the gear shipped up to Ak in about a week. It will be nice to know that I can pick up a new tent if needed on the spot.

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    I parked in the mud at the back of the lot, they were out of the cheap .22LR and most powder by the time I got there. I got in the checkout line back in the far corner by the boating supplies, I can't imagine what it will be like on the 10th.

    None of this should be taken as a complaint, just observations.

    I thought the store was nicely laid out, and I think they did a great job stocking it with things Alaskans would need. Only saw two books on how to hunt whitetails!

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    I have a pass for tomorrow (the 9'th) but ain't no way in sam's-hill I will wait in line to check-out. I'll go see my very first Cabela's Store when things slow down (Maybe early October).

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    The quickest check out in in the food court! Checked out with a bag of peanuts and a pair of boots!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulkana Rafting View Post
    The quickest check out in in the food court! Checked out with a bag of peanuts and a pair of boots!
    This is good intel! Thanks

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    Read about the opener yesterday in a post that the idiot who bought 80+ bricks at Wal-Mart created on the AR-15 site. Doesn't sound too encouraging if you expect a lot of 500 round bricks to be available. CCI bricks sold out in minutes and the store wouldn't put any more out according to his post.


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