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Thread: resizing cases...from 300Dak to 330 Dak....

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    Default resizing cases...from 300Dak to 330 Dak....

    The one question I neglected to ask. I have 100 300Dak cases left from my sad 300Dak project. Am I correct that it's a simple matter of resizing with the 330Dak resizing die to make them into useful 330D cases?

    Thanks for all the info and time.


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    Yeah, that will work. The head to shoulder dimension of the 300D is 2.0860" the same dim for the 330D is 2.0660". So we are going the right way with headspace. This shoulder will need to be pushed back but the F/L dies will do that just fine. Back off the die and try the case until it will just chamber with a little effort, then lock it down. I would do this first without an expander in the die. Then put in the expander assembly and lube and run it through, and of course, try it again. Also you will need a tapered expander to go in the 30 caliber neck and easily stretch the neck to 330. If You have Redding dies I have one you can borrow, if need be. I don't think I have a tapered expander for the RCBS dies in 330". Good luck with the project.
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